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Automotive Interiors: Protect Your Car With Floor Mats

Snow. Salt. Dirt. Gum.Crumbs. And more. If it’s on your shoe, it’s going to be transplanted elsewhere. And one place that the aforementioned most commonly wind up is on the floor of your car, potentially causing damage to the main carpet of your vehicle and causing even further damage to the body of your car.

We know what you’re thinking – dirt, snow and the like have the potential to get everywhere, like on the carpeting of your home. Why is it so much more detrimental to your car carpeting than your home carpeting? If that’s what you’re thinking consider how often you vacuum your home carpeting – likely once a week or so? You might also have it professionally deep cleaned once or twice a year. Every time you perform one of the aforementioned tasks, you’re removing these substances and restoring it to a better condition.

Now, when was the last time you remember vacuuming your car floor? Three months ago? We’d be shocked if you ever had your car carpet flooring professionally cleaned, too. It’s just not something that a lot of drivers think about. However, it is something that’s important.

Thankfully, there’s a low-cost and simple solution to preventing your car carpeting from getting dirty to the point of no return, as well as preventing moisture from snow, rain or spilled drinks from seeping further through the carpeting and rusting the underbody of your car. And we’re not talking about kicking your shoes on your tires every time you get into your car (although it’s not a bad idea).

No, the best way to protect your car – and the investment you made in your car – is to purchase some floor mats. Specifically, these are mats that fit in the driver’s side, passenger’s side and rear passenger floor spaces over your carpet. It’s then these mats that absorb all the inevitable debris that you’ll be tracking into your car each time you go to rev er’ up. It’s a great alternative to either dragging the vacuum outside every week, making frequent stops at the car wash to use their vacuum or, worse yet, just not doing anything at all to remedy this potential issue.

What many drivers don’t realize is that you may not just be doing damage to your car carpeting, but to your vehicle as well. And such damages could lead to a sharp decline in your car’s value for what it would otherwise be projected at.

Here are some additional benefits of floor mats:

•Durability: Floor mats typically come in rubber and carpet varieties. Rubber mats are ideal for wet climates, as the rubber material is resistant to water and moisture. Most of these types of mats are also designed to keep the water from spilling off the mat and onto your floor. They’re also ideal at collecting dirt. Carpet floor mats, on the other hand, are also great at trapping dirt using the synthetic fibers that they’re manufactured with. They also absorb moisture, although heavier amounts could seep through the carpet fabric and onto your floor.
•Ease of use: Aside from the durability aspect of car floor mats, they’re extremely easy and practical to use. They’ll do their job catching dirt and water, are beyond simple to install, and can be easily removed for cleaning. Many people simply remove their car mats once soiling has built up to a certain extent and beat the dirt and debris out of them. Others wash them in the washing machine. You can even take them inside and clean them with your home vacuum, although this route works better with carpet floor mats than rubber floor mats. Finally, if they’ve become too beat up, you can simply throw them out and buy new ones.
•Elegance: If you don’t want to install floor mats because you think it’ll hurt the look of your car, think again. Car mats come in just about every color, so they blend in well and compliment the look and feel of your car to the point where you won’t even notice it’s there.
•Cost: Finally, there’s the cost benefit of floor mats, which makes them an even more attractive option for catching dirt and water. For instance, you can typically purchase basic floor mats for about $20. More high-end mats fittingly cost more, but the expense of the mats are offset by how much trouble you can save down the road when your car carpeting and underbody suffers costly damage.


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Protect Your Car With Floor Mats